Ventura Shredding Service

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Ventura Shredding Service
 is dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions for your home and business' security needs. We understand the need to protect your sensitive documents and for your business to comply with all California and federal regulations. Ensure your security with one-time or ongoing services.

About Ventura Shredding Service

Ventura Shredding Service offers flexible shredding service options to Ventura and the greater California area. We're here to help keep you secure with affordable, compliant service options—no matter the size of the job.

Whether you are a business or a household, Ventura Shredding Service's contractors will happily shred your materials at your location or at a secure shredding facility. They'll take care of sending your shredded materials directly to be recycled so that you don't have to worry about the potential liability of them being put back together.

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Ventura Shredding Service, just give us a call at 
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The threat of identity theft is one that continues to become more prominent. However, most people do not protect themselves against identity theft as adequately as they could be. Learn more about protecting your home or business from identity theft with Ventura Shredding Service today.

Ventura Shredding Service

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There's never been a better time to enlist in professional shredding services the help protect you, your family, and your business. At Ventura Shredding Service, we'll help you ensure your safety with convenient shred services from our contractors so you can rest easy. 

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Ventura Shredding Services

With our variety of flexible service options, you'll find a service to suit any of your shredding needs. You can choose from:
  • Mobile Shredding: Shredding trucks visit your location and destroy your confidential papers on site. Mobile shredding allows you to witness you documents being destroyed.
  • Off Site Shredding: Trucks will come to your location and pick up your documents. Then, your documents are shredded at a secure facility in an industrial-sized shredder. This option is cost-effective and fully compliant.
  • Hard Drive Shredding: Information stored on hard drives risk causing a data breach. Even if you think you've deleted your files, data can still be recovered from a discarded hard drive. We'll destroy your hard drives and melt them down for recycling so that your safety is without question.

Some of our customers only have one shredding job, while others know they will require shredding on a regular basis. For your convenience, there are several scheduling options:
  • One-time Purge Service: This flexible service works well for those who only have one or occasional shredding projects. 
  • Ongoing Purge: If you're a home or business that anticipates needing a shredding services on a regular basis, schedule a weekly, monthly, or quarterly shred. You are given free secure bins for you to store your documents needing destruction inside between regular visits.

For more information on Ventura Shredding Service's services, explore each services page listed in the navigation bar above. You may also request a free quote or call us at (805) 504-7839.

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